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Benjamin Franklin's Life, ideas, and legacy offer an outstanding lens through which to view early American history and culture. During his long life, Franklin was a writer, inventor, community leader, scholar, revolutionary, diplomat, and lawmaker. His words gave meaning to the lives of the American colonists. His inventions reflected the ideas and needs of his fellow citizens. His actions ensured the development of colonial society, the creation of the American republic, and its security under the Constitution.

This website, created at Penn State Harrisburg as part of our program “A Rising People: Benjamin Franklin and the Americans” has two goals:

1. To provides up-to-date information and ideas about Benjamin Franklin and his era for educators and students of all ages.

2. To includes all information for K-12 teachers interested in attending one of our 2011 National Endowment for the Humanities teachers' workshops, to be held in Philadelphia June 26-July 1, or July 10-15.  

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